The companion website to Van Gogh: The Life is the product of a group effort involving many talented and committed people. They were led by Elizabeth Petit, the research editor-in-chief for Van Gogh: The Life.

Given the size and scale of the notes, a website was indisputably the best platform on which to present them. In addition, the website can include photographs and illustrations on a scale that would be impossible in a printed book.

This website was designed and created by the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) at the University of South Carolina in collaboration with Michael Weaver, Stuart Anderson, and David Arthur. The CDH team, under the guidance of its director, Dr. David Lee Miller, included Aidan Zanders as the lead designer with Maliek McKnight and Mike Helms as co-programmers. The CDH team also benefited from the contributions of Lessie Bernshouse and Jessica Dame. (For more information on the Center for Digital Humanities, please visit: The 2023 site refresh was implemented by Bobbie King and Scott Means.

In addition to the CDH team, creating the website involved a collaborative effort by additional research and technical staff. We would like to thank the following contributors to the content of the website: Beth Fadeley, who served as Elizabeth Petit’s principal deputy, along with Kristin Barron, Ernest Wiggins, De’Andrea Youmans, Daniel Lutz, Melanie Neil, and Laura Storey. The research staff was supported by an IT corps that included Jeremy Hughes, Keith Beckman, Phillip Greer, Patrick Browning, and Brett Spradley. We are greatly indebted to all for their efforts in creating this website.

S. Naifeh
G. W. Smith