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Color Insert Images:
View of the Sea at Scheveningen; Two Women in the Moor; Head of a Woman; The Potato Eaters; The Old Church Tower at Nuenen (“The Peasants' Churchyard”); Basket of Potatoes; Still Life with Bible; Torso of Venus; In the Café: Agostina Segatori in Le Tambourin; Caraf and Dish with Citrus Fruit; View from Theo’s Apartment; Wheatfield with Partridge; Self-Portrait with Straw Hat; Flowering Plum Tree: after Hiroshige; Self-Portrait as a Painter; The Zouave; The Yellow House (“The Street”); Gauguin's Chair; Tree Trunks with Ivy (Undergrowth); The Sower; Wheat Fields with a Reaper; Les Peiroulets Ravine; Almond Blossom; Irises; Tree Roots; and Wheat Field with Crows: © Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation);

A Pair of Shoes: © The Baltimore Museum of Art: The Cone Collection, formed by Dr. Claribel Cone and Miss Etta Cone of Baltimore. Photo credit: Mitro Hood;

Vegetable Gardens in Montmartre: La Butte Montmartre: © Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam;

Interior of a Restaurant; and Pink Peach Tree in Blossom (Reminiscence of Mauve): © Stichting Kröller-Müller Museum;

Pink Peach Tree in Blossom (Reminiscence of Mauve); Starry Night Over the Rhône; Self-Portrait; Noon: Rest from Work (after Millet); The Church at Auvers; and Portrait of Doctor Gachet: © Musée d'Orsay, Paris. Photo credit: Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Art Resource, NY;

Self-Portrait; Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle (La Berceuse); and The Bedroom: © The Art Institute of Chicago;

Portrait of Père Tanguy: © Musee Rodin, Paris, France. Photo Credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY;

The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing, and The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night: © Stichting Kröller-Müller Museum. Photo Credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY;

La Mousmé, Sitting: © National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC;

Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin: © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Gift of Robert Treat Paine;

Portrait of Patience Escalier; Portrait of the Artist's Mother: © Norton Simon Art Foundation;

Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books; L'Arlesienne: Madame Ginoux with Books; Cypresses; and Olive Picking: © The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Art Resource, NY;

The Night Café in the Place Lamartine in Arles: © Yale University Art Gallery. Photo credit: Yale University Art Gallery / Art Resource, NY;

Self-Portrait (Dedicated to Paul Gauguin): © Harvard Art Museums, Fogg Art Museum, Bequest from the Collection of Maurice Wertheim, Class of 1906. Photo credit: David Mathews (c) President and Fellows of Harvard College;

Public Garden with Couple and Blue Fir Tree: The Poet's Garden III: © Private Collection. Photo credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY;

Tarascon Diligence: © The Henry and Rose Pearlman; on long-term loan to Princeton University Art Museum. Photo credit: Bruce M. White;

Vincent's Chair with His Pipe; and Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers: © The National Gallery, London. Photo credit: National Gallery, London / Art Resource, NY;

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe: © Collection Niarchos;

Irises: © The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles;

Starry Night: © The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, U.S.A. Photo credit: Digital Image © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA / Art Resource, NY;

Portrait of Trabuc, an Attendant at Saint-Paul Hospital: David Brooks (;

Trees in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital: © The Armand Hammer Collection, Gift of the Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California;

Daubigny's Garden: © Kunstmuseum Basel.


Black and White Image:
Self-Portraits, 1887; Garden of a Bathhouse, August 1888; Anna Carbentus, c. 1888; The Markt in Zundert; the parsonage where Vincent was born is at center; Anna van Gogh; Theo van Gogh; Lies van Gogh; Cor van Gogh; Wil van Gogh; Theo van Gogh, 1870; Theodorus (Dorus) van Gogh; Uncle Cent van Gogh; Zundert Church; H.G. Tersteeg; Goupil Gallery, The Hague; Vicarage and Church at Etten, April 1876; Churches at Petersham and Turnham Green, November 1876; Scheffersplein, the market square in Dordrecht; the bookstore Blussé and Van Braam where Vincent worked is at center; Rear Admiral Johannes Van Gogh (Uncle Jan); The Cave of Machpelah, May 1877; The “Au Charbonnage” Café, November 1878; Marcasse Coal Mine, Pit #7; Miners in the Snow at Dawn, August 1880; Vincent van Gogh, age 18; Anthon Ridder van Rappard; Sower (after Millet), April 1881; Kee Vos-Stricker and son Jan, c. 1881; Donkey and Cart, October 1881; Anton Mauve, 1878; Cradle, July 1882; Hubert von Herkomer, The Last Muster: Sunday at the Chelsea Hospital (detail), 1871; Old Man with a Stick, September – November 1882; Old Man in a Tail-Coat, September – December 1882; Worn Out, November 1882; Women Miners, November 1882; Soup Distribution in a Public Soup Kitchen, March 1883; Path to the Beach, July 1883; Landscape in Drenthe, September – October 1883; Man Pulling a Harrow, October 1883; The parsonage in Nuenen; Weaver, 1884; The Kingfisher, March 1883; Pollard Birches, March 1883; Margot Begemann; Jozef Israëls, Peasant Family at Table, 1882; Head of a Woman, 1884-85; The Potato Eaters, April 1885; Head of a Woman, March 1885; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, soon after completion in 1885; Old Church Tower at Nuenen, June – July 1885; Still Life with Bible, October 1885; Couple Dancing, December 1885; Plaster room at the Antwerp Academy; Standing Female Nude (Seen from the Side), January 1886; Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette, January – February 1886; Atelier of Fernand Cormon (c. 1885): Cormon at easel, Toulouse-Lautrec wearing bowler hat with back to camera, Émile Bernard at upper right; John Peter Russell, Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1886; Joanna Bonger, 1888; Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887; Tracing of “Le Japon” from the Cover of “Paris Illustré,” 1886; Courtesan: after Eisen, October – November 1887; The Yellow House, Arles; Zouave Sitting, June 1888; Sower with Setting Sun, August 1888; Public Garden with Fence, April 1888; Les Alyscamps, Arles; Luke Fildes, The Empty Chair (“Gad’s Hill, Ninth of June 1870”), 1870; Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh Painting Sunflowers, November 1888; Meijer de Haan, Sketch of Theo van Gogh, 1888; Isolation cell, Arles hospital; Asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, Saint Rémy; Baths, asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, Saint Rémy; Adrien Lavielle after Jean-François Millet, The Siesta, 1873; The Garden of Saint Paul de Mausole, November 1889l; Jo with son Vincent, 1890; Dr. Paul Gachet; The Ravoux family in front of the Ravoux Inn; Tree Roots and Trunks, July 1890; Daubigny's Garden, July 1890; Vincent's bedroom at the Ravoux Inn; Theo van Gogh, 1890; Graves of Theo and Vincent van Gogh, Auvers © Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Barn and Farmhouse, February 1864; The Road to Tarascon, July 1888 David Brooks, “The Vincent van Gogh Gallery” (

Vincent van Gogh on the steps of the Tilburg School © Vincents Tekenlokaal, Tilburg / Koning Willem II College, Tilburg Ursula Loyer and Eugenie Loyer © Collection Mrs. Kathleen Eugenie Maynard / Ken Wilkie. Photo credit: Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation) Ary Scheffer, Christus Consolator, 1836-37 © Amsterdams Historisch Museum Anthon van Rappard, The Passievaart near Seppe (Landscape near Seppe), June 1881 © Collection Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Marsh with Water Lilies, June 1881 © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon Windmills near Dordrecht, August 1881; Woman Sitting on a Basket with Head in Hands, March 1883; Carpenter's Yard and Laundry, May 1882; © Stichting Kröller-Müller Museum Torn-Up Street with Diggers, April 1882 © Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany. Photo Credit: Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz / Art Resource, NY Sorrow, April 1882 © The Museum of Modern Art/Liscensed by SCALA / Art Resource, NY

Luke Fildes, Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward, 1874 © Royal Holloway, University of London/ The Bridgeman Art Library

Landscape with Bog-Oak Trunks, October 1883 © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Jean-Léon Gérôme, The Prisoner, 1861 © Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, France. Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Art Resource, NY Léon Lhermitte, La Moisson (The Harvest), 1883 © Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University in St. Louis, university purchase, Parsons Fund, 1912 Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1886-87 © Stichting Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Self-Portrait © Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887 © Detroit Institute of Arts, USA/ City of Detroit Purchase/ The Bridgeman Art Library

Jean Baptiste Corot, Agostina, 1866 and The Baby Marcelle Roulin, December 1888 © Chester Dale Collection, Image courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington

Lucien Pissarro, Vincent and Theo van Gogh, 1887 © Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Portrait of Émile Bernard, 1886 © Tate, London, 2011 Drawbridge with Lady with Parasol, May 1888 © Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA. © 2009 Museum Associates / LACMA / Art Resource, NY

Place Lamartine, Arles © Rémi Venture, Arles, 1989 Street in Saintes-Maries, June 1888 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Art Resource, NY

Landscape near Montmajour with Train, July 1888 © The Trustees of the British Museum

Wheat Harvest at Arles, 1888 © Nationalgalerie, Museum Berggruen, Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany. Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz / Art Resource, NY

Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin, August 1888 © The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Portrait of Milliet, Second Lieutenant of the Zouaves, September 1888 © Stichting Kröller-Müller Museum. Photo credit: Foto Marburg / Art Resource, NY

Paul Gauguin, 1891 © Photographer: Apic, Getty Images

Paul Gauguin, Madame Ginoux (Study for “Night Café”), 1888 © Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Memorial gift from Dr. T. Edward and Tullah Hanley, Bradford, Pennsylvania

Portrait of Doctor Félix Rey, January 1889 © Scala / Art Resource, NY

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, January 1889 © Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia. Photo credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY

The Courtyard of the Hospital at Arles, April 1889; Ward in the Hospital at Arles, April 1889 © Collection Oskar Reinhart “Am Römerholz,” Winterthur

Olive Trees in a Mountain Landscape, June 1889 © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA / Art Resource, NY

Cypresses, June 1889 © Brooklyn Museum, Frank L. Babbott Fund and the A. Augustus Healy Fund

Starry Night, June 1889 © Kunsthalle Bremen – Der Kunstverein in Bremen / Photo: Sickelmann

Olive Grove, June 1889 © Stichting Kröller-Müller Museum. Photo credit: Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz / Art Resource, NY Marguerite Gachet at the Piano, June 1890 © Kunstmuseum Basel, Martin P. Buhler Head of a Boy with Broad-Brimmed Hat (probably René Sécretan), June-July 1890 © Musée du Louvre. Photo credit: Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Art Resource, NY